Baxter Neal Helson

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Who is Baxter Neal Helson?

Baxter Neal Helson was born in December 1966, in New York City, USA, and is a drummer, but perhaps better known for being the former husband of producer Tish Cyrus, the mother of singer Miley Cyrus, and who has produced several films during her career.

The Net Worth of Baxter Neal Helson

How rich is Baxter Neal Helson? As of late-2018, sources estimate net worth that is over $500,000, earned through a successful career in the music industry. He has also apparently gained a significant amount of wealth from the success of his wife, who has an estimated net worth at $2 million. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life, Career, and Marriage

While little is known about Baxter Neal, he apparently developed a passion for music at a young age. He learned to play the drums, and this would later become his entry to a career in the music industry. He dedicated a lot of time to music, based mostly in Ashland, Kentucky. Despite that, he never really gained a lot of popularity or became a known name, but his career was enough for him to make a decent living. He eventually met Leticia “Tish” Jean at a party held in the area, and this would become the start of their romance. The two lived together, and eventually married in 1986. She was 19 when she became pregnant with their first child, and a few years later they had a second child. While things were going well at the start, everything soon fell apart and the two realized that their marriage was not working out. They filed for and finalized their divorce in 1989, and it seemed that it would be the end of their problems, but shortly afterwards the two were at it again, battling for custody of their children.

Custody Battle and Aftermath

A series of trials took place to determine whether it would be Helson to gain main custody of the children or Tish, later announced  that it would be given to the mother, but he was still allowed to visit and have telephone conversations with them. He then filed for a petition to have specific visitations with his children, which led to another trial as Tish contested that the children were unwilling to meet their father. According to reports, his relationship with his children wasn’t very good. His ex-wife would later marry actor and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who is known for his hit single “Achy Breaky Heart”, which is the first song to achieve triple Platinum status in Australia. He is now a multi-platinum selling artist and has numerous top ten singles on the Billboard Country Songs Chart. He later took on more acting roles aside from his singing, including in shows such as “Doc”, “Hannah Montana”, and “Still the King”. The couple would have three children, the first being Miley Cyrus who would become a popular artist, as her father. On the other hand, Helson started to move away from the spotlight as the years progressed. It is not known if he re-married, or if he continues to pursue a career as a drummer.

Tish Cyrus

Baxter Neal’s former wife would focus on acting and production work while also raising a family. Her projects include being the executive producer of “The Last Song”, based on the novel of the same name written by Nicholas Sparks, and starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in the story of a troubled teenager who reconnects with her estranged father, and also finds love; it was directed by Julie Anne Robinson in her directorial debut. Tish also worked on the 2012 film “LOL”, which is a remake of the French film of the same name, and also starred Miley Cyrus – it was filmed in 2010, but wasn’t released until two years later, when it received negative reviews from critics, and bombed at the box office.

Tish then produced the action comedy film entitled “So Undercover”, again starring Miley and released direct to video in the US, but was released in theatres in the United Arab Emirates. She then worked with her eldest daughter, Brandi Cyrus in the show “Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer”, featuring the two working together on various interior design projects.


Helson’s children would pursue high profile careers as well, though less so with Brandi who focused more on a career as an interior designer. However, her exposure increased significantly thanks to the show “Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer” which aired in 2017 for a total of six episodes. Trace Cyrus on the other hand pursued a career in the music industry similar to that of his stepfather, becoming the backing vocalist and bassist of the band Metro Station. The band was responsible for the Top 10 Billboard single entitled “Shake It”, which is from their self-titled debut album. However, after a year tension between band members led to an hiatus.

Trace would return to the band in 2014 when they started releasing and touring once more, however, in 2017 the band announced that they were breaking up. He is now a vocalist and guitarist with the band Ashland HIGH, and he also owns a clothing company called From Backseats to Bedrooms, which is apparently supplementing his income.