Carrie Schenken

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Who is Carrie Schenken?

You all know Amanda Bearse – Marcy in the TV sitcom “Married with Children”, among other roles she has selected so far, but what do you know of her partner, Carrie Schenken? Carrie was born on the 24th April 1958, in Florida USA, and is a camera technician, but probably better known to the world for her relationship with Amanda Bearse.

Carrie Schenken Wiki: Early Life, Family, and Net Worth

Carrie has been out of the limelight, despite her relationship with Amanda, and so far there isn’t much information about her life before the two met. For now, she has decided not to reveal the names of her parents, and whether she has any siblings or not; it’s known that she matriculated, but didn’t move on to university. Hopefully she changes her mind and starts sharing details about her early life with her fans. Carrie has also held back information about her career, and therefore, information regarding her net worth is only an estimate by sources, at over $1 million.

Carrie Schenken and Amanda Bearse Love Story

Carrie and Amanda met in 2008, and soon after the first meeting started a relationship which led to the pair tying the knot in 2010. The wedding ceremony included Amanda’s close friends and colleagues, also from “Married with Children”, Katey Sagal and others, but it excluded David Faustino and Ed O’Neill, as the two grew apart after the show’s end, though they didn’t have a close relationship even while the series lasted. Since the marriage, the couple has adopted a child together, while Amanda has previously adopted a daughter named Zoe in 1993.

Carrie Schenken Wife, Amanda Bearse

Now that we have shared with you all there is about Carrie, let’s share some information about her more famous life partner, Amanda Bearse. We will start from her early childhood to the most recent career endeavors.

Amanda Bearse was born on the 9th August 1958, in Winter Park, Florida USA, where she went to Winter Park High School and matriculated in 1976. Amanda then spent several years switching from one university to another, attending Rollins College first, then Birmingham Southern College, and finally from Young Harris College she received an associate of arts degree. She then moved to New York permanently, where she attended the city’s Neighborhood Playhouse, and was mentored by Sanford Meisner.

Career Beginnings

Her debut role was as Amanda Cousins in the soap opera “All My Children” in 1982, portraying the character for two seasons, and then in 1983 appeared in the television film “First Affair”. She moved on to films, first a minor role in “Protocol”, then as Nicole Ferret in “Fraternity Vacation” in 1985, and the same year had one of her most prominent roles, as Amy Peterson in the cult horror film “Fright Night”, starring next to Chris Sarandon and William Ragsdale.

Rise to Prominence and Recent Acting Career

It was in 1986 that Amanda made her breakthrough with the role of Marcy in the TV sitcom “Married with Children. The series aired for 11 seasons to 1997, during which time Marcy became a star, alongside her TV co-stars Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate. While the show lasted, Amanda worked on several other projects, including the television film “Out There 2”, and the action comedy film “The Doom Generation” in 1995. After the series ended, she hasn’t been quite as active, but still appeared in the TV series “Nikki” in 2001, and in 2013 as Rita in the TV series “Anger Management”. Most recently, she started working on the comedy horror film “Sky Sharks”, scheduled for release in late 2018, in which she will star alongside Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Naomi Grossman and Dave Sheridan, among others.

A Successful Director

In addition to her acting career, Amanda has also pursued a career as a director; her first credit was in 1991 when she directed an episode of “Married with Children”, and until the series end, directed 30 more episodes of the award-winning series. Since then, Amanda has directed episodes of such TV series as “Malcolm & Eddie” (1996-1997), “Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher” (1997), “Dharma & Greg” (1998-2000), and most recently the television film “Skirtchasers” (2016).

Amanda Bearse Net Worth

We can share with you information about Amanda Bearse’s wealth, should you have ever wondered how rich she is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Bearse’s net worth is as high as $16 million. Pretty impressive don’t you think?

Amanda Bearse’ Coming Out, and Relationships

It was in 1993 that Amanda came out as a lesbian; many wondered about her sexuality before that. By doing so, Amanda became one of the first primetime actors to ‘come out’. Before Carrie, Amanda is known to have been in a relationship with actress Sandra Bernhard in 1993, and was also linked to a woman named Amy, which helped her adopt her daughter Zoe. Amanda is a supporter of the LGBT community, and has been involved in numerous campaigns, focused on improving the lives and rights of these people.