Chief Keef

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He is a 24 years old American rapper who is always in the news. If it’s not about his music career, it would be another arrest by the police for getting involved in illegal activity. He is young, hot and bustling with life! He is a music star with lots of controversies about him. He is Chief Keef! What is his real name and how was his upbringing like to makes him what he is today? This celebrity became a father at the age of 16, who is the baby mama, where is the child now and does he have other children? What influenced his decision to go into music and how did he become popular? Just like his fans would like to know, we did a thorough search on Chief Keef to bring you sizzling information about the young music star. In the following discussion, we will tell you about his upbringing, his family, his loved life and his career. We will also inform you about many of his controversies and let you his personal life, especially his education, his real name and why he is so named and tell you about his kids, love life, where he currently lives and how much he is worth, right now!

Who is Chief Keef?

He was born on 15 August 1995 and named Keith Farrelle Cozart. His mother was an underage mom named Lolita Carter. She gave birth to him at a very early age and named him after his uncle who had died. The mother gave him the name because she loved the uncle so much!

Early life

Being a kid of adolescent mother, he was raised by his grandmother in Washington Park in a Chicago neighborhood. Perhaps due to circumstances of his birth, he never met his father, Alfonso.


Like every child born at his time, attending school is a necessity and he was enrolled at Dulles Elementary School. He also attended the Banner School to complete his elementary education. After that, he proceeded to Dyett High School but dropped out when he as 15 years old to begin his rap music in 2011.

When he was small, he discovered his mother’s karaoke, and by the age of six, he had started to rap cueing along the music. Thus, as a small boy, he loves to sing. Therefore, it was not surprising for him to pick rap as his music of choice after he dropped out of school.


As one would have expected, he started his music in his neighborhood by attracting his former schoolmates and other kids to follow his budding music career. His way of life at such early age was rough and he not surprising when he started to have issues with the law.

He is a controversial celebrity; we will dwell more on that later in this discussion, for now, let’s discuss his career.

Mixtapes 2011

He released his first work, a mixtape in 2011 about the time he dropped out of school. This work got immediate acceptance from his neighborhood folks and schoolmates. Unfortunately, this was the time he recorded his first encounter with the law for being in possession of illegal firearms.

He was at this time placed under 2-month house arrest because he was a minor. Despite his travail, Chief work was a boom!

Single – ‘I don’t like’

Keef is already well known among his folks in the neighborhood and with the release of a video about him by WorldStarHipHop on YouTube channel, his popularity was already soaring. Thus, when he released his single ‘I don’t know,’ it became an instant hit and the favorite of many nightclubs that it attracted the attention of Kanye West.

Kanye West and Remix of ‘I don’t like’

This is what officially kick start his music career as it were. Before this time, he wasn’t into the big part of music as a career. However, standing with a successful musician as Kanye West means automatic boom!

Courtesy Kanye, a deal was made to remix his first single ‘I Don’t Like,’ and notable rappers including Sean and Pusha T did the work with him in the summer of 2012. Let’s say from 2012; Chief Keef officially became a star boy of the rap music!

The main album ‘Finally Rich’ 2012

In January 2012, Keef through a successful collaboration with Rick Ross, 50 Cent and Wi Khalifa debuted his studio album. This work further elevated him in popularity and became the rave of the moment with more fans and following.

Interscope contract, 2013

Interscope Records signed Keef for three record contract. This contract includes working with the development of Keef’s label – Glory Boyz Entertainment. Around the middle of 2013, there was an announcement by Gucci Mane that Keef will be joining the 1017 Brock Squad Records.

Kanye West Yeezus and Keef 2013

Keef received showers of praise for his role in the album ‘Yeezus’ by Kanye West where Keef featured in a track song titled ‘Hold my Liquor.’ The ovation was still loudest when in August 2013, he released ‘Bang pt.2’ a mixtape with mixed reviews.

A collabo ‘Fuck Rehab’ with Mario

He did his third studio album with Mario Hess, his cousin, who later died some weeks after the release. And following the death of his cousin, Keef said he would produce his music henceforth.

Interscope Record 2014

In October 2014, the record label dropped Keef for no particular reason from their label. Although many did expect the decisions because of many Keef’s controversial lifestyles.

Going forward, Chief Keef, as popularly known had more music arrangements and released mixtapes and albums including ‘Back from the Dead,’ ‘Back for the Dead 2,’ ‘Bang 3,’ and the album ‘Nobody,’ which he released in November 2014.

He did other works including ‘Sorry 4 the weight.’

His rap music went on progressively until a shocker from him in March of 2016 that he would be retiring from rap music although he hasn’t fulfilled his promise to quit rapping because he had other rap music after the announcement to leave.

His other titles include ‘Young Man’ and ‘Two Zero One Seven’ released in early 2017.

Keef in 2018

He continued his active music life in 2018 with more mixtapes releases and his work in July with Mansion Musick with “Uh Uh” featuring Playboi Carti and the work “Sky Say” featuring Tadoe!

Personal life

In 2011, Keef lifestyle made him a father at 16 with a daughter named Kayden Kash Cozart. Soon after that, another baby mama was claimed he was responsible for another pregnancy, after the paternity struggle, it was established through DNA test he is the father, and the baby was named Kimora Sosha Kozart. His fatherhood of these children resulted in a series of child support battles because of the need to cater to their needs.

As said earlier of his birth, we gathered his parents had two other children. Thus Keef has two siblings, a boy, and a girl.

Apart from his baby mamas, Keef once dated a model named Pretty Mesha in 2013 and was engaged. He had his third child in 2014 named Krue Karter and another in 2015 named Sno Film On Dot Com and that sort of name caused a lot of controversies. From three different women, Keef produced four children with continual child support rows to cater to their needs.

His body measurements

The rapper has an impressive body figure. He is quite tall, standing at the height of 6.0 ft., his body weight is 76kg, with a bust size of 39inches and waist size of 34inches.

His Controversies

Keef life is controversy. From 2011 house arrest to questioning for the death of Lil Jojo, whether he was involved in the shooting that led to his death. And his incarceration at the juvenile in 2013 for flouting his probation. He was arrested in DeKalb County in May 2013 for smoking weed and was later arrested for over speeding and handed 18-month probation.

This rap star has had it rough with the law, from one case to another!

Net worth

Keef popularly known as the perfect example of ‘Gangsta rap’ has enjoyed a pleasant and controversial life as a rap musician. No doubt, he has had both good and bad time in his music career and as a celebrity. His job is quite rewarding with lucrative contracts. Keef’s net worth is authoritatively estimated to be $4 million.