DJ Law

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Who is DJ Law?

Dacorius Law was born in Haines City, Florida USA, on 6 November 1994 under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. He is mostly known for his career as an American Football player. Law is a Christian along with his family.

Early life and education

Law went to Haines High School and played football there, missing only a couple of games. After he matriculated, he attended East Mississippi Community College, where he continued playing football, and while he was very good at that sport, he wasn’t very good at other things, and his grades weren’t satisfactory. He was supposed to start playing officially but he managed to get a knee dislocation, so as he couldn’t play football, he decided to at least try and improve his grades.


There is not much to say about Law’s career but we have to mention that he was a central figure in the “Last Chance U” Netflix Documentary series released in 2016. The series is about football players from his college and the struggles which they were facing, showing their everyday lives and their background stories. It was more than a show – they had an academic advisor who was there to help the players with their grades and to make sure they pass their exams. They had to stop filming when the football team was disqualified, but they started again the next year and they called it season two. So far, the show has three seasons and 23 episodes, and has a rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb.

Law became somewhat popular because of this film, and he was invited to play for the University of Alabama, Birmingham football team called “Blazers” and he accepted, but was injured and missed an entire season. He stopped playing for the Blazers, and was thinking about his next step in football, choosing between NAIA and Canada. Law continued playing football but is now out of the public eye. You can find some pictures of him during his football games on his Instagram account. “Last Chance U” is renewed for fourth season, and will be filming with the Independence Community College’s team.

Motivational speaker

On 12 October 2017, Law was a guest of honor in Parker High School, and delivered a speech in which he was ‘trying to motivate the kids’, to help them make the right decisions. He explained to them how there are causes and effects of every action they make. He claimed how he never thought that he would be the one giving motivational speeches but he felt good while doing it, giving something back to the community.

Football stats

Let’s check out some of his football stats regarding the games he played in the second half of 2018: he had 64 rushes and ran 597 yards (about 85 yards per game). He scored three touchdowns, secured two fumbles and also lost two fumbles. He and his team won 6/7 games.

Personal life

Law is not one of those people who love to talk about their personal life. We know that his mother is Veronica Purnell but we know nothing about his father. It seems that there was a disagreement between his parents because his mother wanted Law to go to the University of Mississippi while his father wanted him to join Utah University. His parents are not living together, but it’s unknows if they are divorced or not.

This football star seems to be single, and there are no rumors about his ex-girlfriends. However, there are pictures of him and a small boy on his Instagram account, who he refers to as “his little boy” and “his son”. Apparently, Law has a son who lives in Florida with his mother and he is six years old now and was born on 22 November, 2012 – there are no public details about his mother.

One of his best friends, the one he calls his “bro” is Dori Montana. You can find Dori’s songs on YouTube as he is trying to become a recognized rapper.

Appearance and net worth

Law is currently 24 years old; he has short black hair and black eyes. He is about 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall, and because he is an athlete, he has a healthy weight of 192lbs (87kg).

Authoritative sources estimate that Law’s net worth is still less than $100,000, because his career is just starting.

Social Network Presence

He is not that active on social media accounts, and doesn’t care much about them either, but his Instagram account “mr.showtimelaw” has nearly 20,000 followers. He joined Twitter in January 2016 and has since gathered almost 12,000 followers. His Facebook page has about 4,500 followers.


Besides football, Law is also very good at basketball, and tried-out for his university’s team. He also loves running, and is a big fan of fishing but he is not that good at it.