Dominique Capraro

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Who is Dominique Capraro?

Dominique Capraro is one of the hottest guys in the modeling world at the moment, known for being a Mr. Switzerland runner-up, who now works with Jaffa Models in Chicago, Illinois. Although his physique and handsome looks attract a lot of attention, especially among women, Capraro is perhaps best known for his relationship with the fashion blogger and YouTuber Michelle Phan.

So, do you want to find out more about the life and work of Dominique Capraro, from his early childhood to date, including his personal life? If yes, then stay with us for the length of the article as we bring you closer to the popular model and dancer.

Dominique Capraro Wiki, Early Life, and Education

Dominique Capraro was born on the 16th May 1988, in Visp, Switzerland to an Italian mother, Monika Thoni, and Swiss/American father, and so is of Swiss nationality. Capraro didn’t begin his career as a model at firs,t as he went to the Universite de Lausanne where he studied Art History, and then joined College de Abbaye de St Maurice for additional education. In his student days, Capraro did some dancing and modeling in shows, but he didn’t know that modeling would become his profession later in life. However, that became clear after he was a Mr. Switzerland runner-up in his teenage days, which surely helped him in pursuing his career as a model.

Modeling Career

Winning second place in the Mr. Switzerland competition was a ground stone for Capraro to begin his career as a model, and he quickly moved to Los Angeles, California to start working as a model, and also an actor. Capraro is a multi-talented young man who is also a dancer and don’t be surprised if you see him involved with some TV shows or movies in the near future. Still, it seems that his career is closely connected to his relationship with the fashion blogger and YouTube star Michelle Phan as he became known after he started dating her, as soon after, Dominique signed with Jaffa Models in Chicago, Illinois.

Dating Michelle Phan

The well-known saying that there is a woman behind every successful man must be the truth, particularly in Capraro’s case as he owes much of what he is today to his girlfriend Michelle Phan, who pretty much introduced him to the fashion world. The couple first met in New York on Valentine’s Day in 2008, and fate apparently brought them together again two years later in Paris, while doing some advertisement shooting.

They became friends which grew into a friendship and then romantic relationship and they have been together since. Michelle’s fans weren’t persuaded and they wanted a proof that the couple was really together, so in January 2012 they jointly finalised their relationship with a video on Michelle’s YouTube channel, which is quite popular and has been seen by millions of viewers.

Michelle Phan and projects with Capraro

In case you’re wondering who Michelle Phan is and how she became a celebrity, here is her short story. Michelle comes from a poor Vietnamese family, and had to work as a waitress while attending the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida. Simultaneously, Phan uploaded videos of her make-up on Xanga, and drew sketches under the name of Rice Bunny. Xanga’s lack of popularity forced her to reach a larger audience after her videos turned out to be rather popular and garnered a lot of views, so she decided to create a YouTube channel, on which Phan has almost nine million subscribers, becoming the second most subscribed YouTube channel owned by a female. Michelle’s Lady Gaga Bad Romance and Lady Gaga Poker Face make-up tutorial clips attracted a lot of attention on her channel, and accumulated millions of views. Following the success of those videos, Michelle co-founded My Glam, a subscription service that helped her making tons of money thanks to its monetization policy. Quickly, the worldwide cosmetics brands approached Phan to advertise their make-up products, and that made her a rich woman.

Capraro played a part on many of Michelle’s videos, which are often named My Boyfriend Does My Makeup. Featuring on Michelle’s YouTube channel surely helped Dominique to promote himself, and make it easier get jobs and gigs. Undoubtedly, the two will continue to collaborate, which will only bring further popularity to both of them.

Dominique Capraro Net Worth

Dominique Capraro’s major source of income is undoubtedly from his modeling career ,and according to the authoritative sources, Capraro’s net worth as of early 2019 is in the region of $1 million. Additionally, an average monthly salary for a model in the US is around $40,000. When it comes to his girlfriend, Michelle Phan‘s net worth is somewhat bigger, and is estimated at $3 million, which is rather impressive.

Dominique Capraro Personal Life and Body Measurement

As mentioned, Dominique Capraro is dating Michelle Phan and the couple share numerous pictures on their social media. Although it was rumored that they are engaged, they haven’t confirmed anything yet, but it is known that they are still together. Capraro stands at a height of 6ft 2ins (1.88m). As of 2018 he is also active on social media sites, such as Instagram on which he has more than 150,000 followers, and Twitter.