Early Life and Education

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Jamie Nell Colby was born on 21 December 1970, so under the astrological sign of Sagittarius, her place of birth being Forest Hills, Queens, New York. Jamie’s father, Marty, was a TV executive, and her mom was a homemaker. As it seems, Jamie took more after her dad, and she is nowadays a highly popular news correspondent and an anchor. Other than that, she is actively involved in various other projects, and if you want to discover more about Jamie’s exciting bio – read the article below.

Early Life and Education

Jamie Colby’s family soon moved to Florida, and together with her brother Jonathan, Jamie made the transition from Queens to Miami. According to most sources, Jamie was an incredibly bright and intelligent child, and she successfully combined those characteristics with her hard-working attitude. In other words, it can be said that Jamie Colby was something of a child prodigy. Eventually, she got her Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Miami, and her Juris Doctor degree at the School of Law – all by the age of 22! Additionally, Jamie was apparently an adorable blonde, and all of these attributes made her predestined for glory.

How did Jamie Colby start her career?

After finishing her education, Jamie set out into the world to find the right job. Due to her cute personality and exceptional intelligence, she quickly found employment – no more no less than working for Johnny Carson himself.  At the age of 22, she helped the famous Carson with several of his cases, including his divorce and some contract renewal cases. During those years she also met and worked for Joan Rivers.

However, the life of an attorney was not satisfying enough for the versatile Jamie. Thanks to an incredible turn of events and her go-getter attitude, she changed professions – perhaps encouraged by appearing in a Burger King commercial during her teenage years – and eventually ended up working as an anchor and a news reporter for CNN.

“Strange Inheritance” and her other projects

Nowadays, Jamie works as a news correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC), as well as being an anchor for the same company. Prior to that, she worked for some smaller local TV stations, and even for CNN. Since 2003, she has been working for Fox, but this is far from being her only preoccupation, as Jamie is well-known for being the witty host of the show called “Strange Inheritance”, and a former host of “America’s New Headquarters”. She has been on the team of “Strange Inheritance” since 2015, a show centered around people who are left with all sorts of quirky wills and testaments after their family members are deceased.


For her hard work as a journalist and reporter, Jamie Colby has received several renowned awards. For instance, in 2000 Jamie received the Gracie Award for investigative reporting, and in 2002 the Edward R. Murrow National Award for her efforts covering the 9/11 terrorist attack. Also, her collection of recognitions contains the Clarion Award, which was given to Jamie by the Association of Women in Communications. All in all, it seems that her efforts and brilliance have not gone unnoticed.

Net worth and earnings

Jamie Colby is obviously a highly versatile person, and is involved in all sorts of fields and professions. Over the years, she has worked as an attorney, real estate broker, accountant, and a law professor – to name just a few! With her current job at Fox, it is no wonder that she earns a lot of money, and that her financial situation looks bright. According to sources, her net worth was estimated at $2.8 million at the start of 2018.

Is Jamie Colby married?

Even though Jamie has an abundance of beauty and charisma, her love life seems to be struggling, perhaps partly because of her hard-working personality. She is apparently single at the moment, but has been married twice. Her first marriage happened all the way back in her early 20’s, but the identity of her husband has remained concealed to this day, although Jamie’s son, Gregory was born as a result of this relationship. Jamie later married Marc Wallack, who was the chief of surgery at the “Metropolitan Hospital” in New York.


Marc was 20 years older than Jamie, but this difference in age did not seem to pose a problem for the couple. However, Marc soon developed a heart condition, and they even wrote a book together called “Back to Life After a Heart Crisis: A Doctor and His Wife Share Their 8-step Cardiac Comeback Plan”. In the end, they divorced in 2011, and it seems that Jamie is still looking for the next big love of her life.