Lenedra Carroll Short Bio

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Lenedra Carroll Short Bio

Lenedra Carroll is a successful entrepreneur, artist, singer, and author, a woman who wears many hats including teaching, performing, and being a motivational speaker, having co-founded the Higher Ground for Humanity foundation. She is awell-known as the mother of Jewel Kilcher, a Grammy-nominated singer.


Lenedra Carroll Childhood and Education Background

Lenedra Carroll is 67 years old as she was born in 1952 to Jasper Jewel Carroll, her father and Arva Carroll, her mother in Alaska, so she is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Carroll grew up in a farmhouse alongside three siblings as Mormons. Her folks were poor people who lived deep in Alaska before moving to Wrangell Island. Later, the family relocated to Homer, Alaska when Lenedra was in her teenage years, and eventually settled there.

Lenedra’s home when growing up was in the midst of the vast Alaskan wilderness, which acted as her first teacher. It is this natural setting that helped her become one with the cycles and rhythms of nature, and she eventually demonstrated her wisdom and learning through her book “The Architecture of All Abundance”, published in 2001.

Lenedra Carroll Professional Career

When it comes to her career, Lenedra spent a decade and a half working in the music industry, produced two albums in collaboration with her ex-husband, as well as releasing two solo albums – “Daybreak Song” and “Beyond Words”. She has spent most of her adult life working as a performer, besides which Carroll had an art studio in Alaska, where she worked as a visual artist; Carroll also had an art gallery that she owned for seven years.

At one point Carroll worked as her daughter Jewel Kilcher’s manager and helped her music career for a short period of time. In 2001, she published her aforementioned book, which helped Carroll win the NAPRA’s Nautilus award.

With her daughter, Carroll is also a co-founder of the non-profit organization called “Higher Ground for Humanity”, and is also the chief executive officer of a worldwide entertainment enterprise.

Lenedra has featured in a number of television shows, including “CBS This Morning”, “Oprah Winfrey”, “Good Morning America”, “Today Show”, “The View and Lifetime”, and “Regis & Kathy Lee”. Sometimes, it would be on “The Reader’s Digest”, “People Magazine”, “USA Weekend”, and “Us” in which she would be the featured artist.

Lenedra Carroll Personal Life, Marriage, Divorce

One of the many reasons why Carroll is so popular is her family – she was Atz Kilcher’s first wife; Atz is a television personality as well as a singer. The couple had two sons and a daughter, otherwise very little is known their relationship and when the two married, but the couple finalized their divorce in 1982; the reason for their split is also unknown to this day.

Carroll’s relationship with her children is not one of the best, especially with her daughter, Jewel. Lenedra is said to have left when Jewel was only eight years old, and she lost custody of their children to her ex-husband. The worst part was that after Lenedra left, Atz became an alcoholic and was very abusive towards his children, as revealed by Jewel who found life very hard after her mother’s departure.

However, Jewel later confessed that although things went initially like that, her mother later became her manager for a little while, and the two even founded a non-profit organization together before things went south between them, and they again went on their separate ways. Despite trying, Carroll never quite succeeded in building a good relationship with her children, who instead get along with their formerly-abusive father.

After Lenedra divorced Atz, apparently she hasn’t been involved with any other person. On the other hand, Atz Kilcher went ahead and married Bonnie Durpe, a television personality.

Lenedra Carroll Children

The first born is Shane Kilcher, in 1971, a reality television personality who featured as the star of “The Last Frontier” show. The serie’s plot is set in Alaska with its main focus being the Kilcher’s family. Shane is married to Kelli, and the two of them feature in the show together which has made the duo very popular amongst the show’s fans. Shane attended Homer High school, and having spent most of his life in Alaska, he is now working to establish a home in Homer, where he and his wife can settle down and build their family.

Jewel Kilcher is the only daughter of Lenedra and Atz. She was born on 23 May 1974 and also grew up in Homer. She is a songwriter, author, producer, poet, musician, and actress, who rose to fame in 1995 after releasing her debut album, “Pieces of You”. Apart from singing, Jewel has tried making a name in acting and in writing, and released her poetry collection in 1998; the following year, she had a supporting role in the film “Ride with the Devil”.  Jewel was married to Ty Murray for a period of six years before the two divorced, and produced a son they named Case Townes, who Jewel now lives with in Nashville.

Alt Lee Kilcher is the youngest child of Lenedra Carroll and Atz Kilcher, born in 1977, and is also a reality television star who also appeared in “The Last Frontier” series. Lee played guitar all over the country while growing up, before he finally settled in Alaska. He is married to Jane Kilcher and the two have two kids, Piper and Etienne. In 2015 he was charged for hunting a bear using a helicopter, something that is illegal in Alaska.

Lenedra Carroll Net Worth

Lenedra Carroll is a singer, a businesswoman who runs her own business, and also an author with numerous books bearing her name. She has made money not only from the sale of her books but also from her singing career., and selling her music has also helped increase her wealth. As of early 2019, authoritative sources estimate that Lenedra Carroll’s net worth is over $13 million’ quite impressive, don’t you agree?