Madeline Zima

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Some people got lucky from the cradle and are luckier to sustain their early life success across age and time. This describes Zima’s life, and she is still very much in the limelight after a journey that began over 30 years ago. Since her appearance in the television advert for Dowry fabric softener as a toddler, Madeline has continued to make appearances in movies and television, playing various roles which have earned her a place in the hearts of many fans. Zima is also a regular face in a series of television shows, continuing to raise questions and interest from her admirers to know more about her rare talent. Who is she, what is her ethnicity and background? Is she married, and who is her husband? We will let you know her net worth and some other information you have not heard about her. Please read along as we discuss Madeline Zima of “The Nanny” fame!

Who is Madeline Zima?

She is an American actress born on 16 September 1985 in New Haven, Connecticut USA of mixed ethnicity, including Italian, Irish, Polish and German! Her father is Dennis, and her mother is Marie – her surname, Zima, emanates from her maternal grandfather and it a Polish name for winter.

Zima and her two siblings were initially raised in Pennsylvania, but the family relocated to California when she became a child actress – actually at three years of age – and she went to Burbank High School. At the time, she featured in a television commercial as a toddler, but her acting career as a professional actor began at the age of seven.

Zima’s siblings named Vanessa and Yvonne Zima are also actresses.

Her career life

As mentioned, her acting life started when she was 24 months old in a television commercial, culminated into starring in the 1992 movie “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle”, in the role of Emma Bartel.

After the success of the 1992 movie role, she was cast in another movie in 1993 called “Mr. Nanny”, which opened another part for her as Grace Sheffield in the television series called “The Nanny”, which ran for six years. These two acting roles launched Zima into the limelight and the world of acting.

Madeleine’s other noted role was as the character Mia Lewis in “Californication” throughout the series four-year run, a sexually precocious and conniving teenager in the show aired on YouTube.

This is another sexually sensitive work featuring a bisexual roommate with a tentative love interest with characters such as Gretchen Berg and Claire Bennet.

Her other acting works in movies include “A Cinderella Story”, “Looking for Sunday”, Dimples, “The Collector” and most recently “Painkillers”.

Although she is yet to win any of these awards, Zima had her first nomination for the Best Young Actress Under Ten in a Motion Picture award in 1993. She has been the most consistent nominee for the award to date.

Several magazines have recognized her exceptional acting prowess over time; one of these was the FHM honor in 2009 in which she was 5th on the list of the Sexiest Women in the World.

For the first time in 2014, she made the nomination list of the La Femme International Film Festival, a significant award in its category, and won the Rising Star Award!

Her acting career was not without its challenges, but she managed to overcome all by strokes of destiny. She almost missed her selection for the 1992 “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” for which she as auditioned five times, but on the sixth attempt was cast in the role of Emma Bartel.

  • Filmography. She has over 40 films to her credit from the inception of her career to date; a few are listed below:

–    2018 – “The Morning After”

–    2017 – “The Chain”

–    2016 – “Dream Girl” (short)

–    2015 – “Weepah Way for Now”

–    2013 – “Crazy Kind of Love”

–    2011 – “A Monster in Paris”

–    2010 – “My Own Love Song”

  • Television series. Zima has featured in more than 20 television series since 1993 to date; a few are listed below:

–    2017 – “Twin Peaks”

–    2015 – “Agent X”

–    2013 – “2014 – Betas”

–    2012 – “Big City”

–    2007 – “Grey’s Anatomy”

–    2004 – “Strong Medicine”

–    1993 – “Law & Order”

Personal life

Apart from acting, Zima has other talents – she plays guitar, violin and also sings and writes songs. She writes potential screenplays, and one of her desires is to produce her own movie.

Madeline is secretive about her personal life, and rarely share information about her love life. She was once rumored to be into fellow women as a sexual orientation, but as of mid-2019, there is no authoritative information regarding her love life, including whether she is married or not. Her roles in “Californication” and “Heroes” gave credence to the rumor about her sexual orientation, but that’s all – she said her kiss in the movie was her second time kissing after she kissed Selma Blair. She also spoke about her role in heroes saying ‘I had an inkling because it was called a “chemistry read” with Hayden [Panettiere] and I was like ‘Hmm, chemistry! With a girl?’ I never had to do that. That’s weird.’

Madeline is 5ft 8ins (1.7m) tall, weighs around 132lbs (60kgs) and vital statistics of 36-24-36.  Her bra size is 34B, she uses the US size 8 shoe size, and her dress is US size 6.

Zima is active on major social media networks, including Facebook with over 16,000 fans, over 29,000 followers on Instagram and more than 20,000 on Twitter.

Net worth

Since her humble beginning in showbiz, she has managed to survive in the trade and made a considerable amount of money. Authoritative sources put her net worth at over $1.5 million, as of mid-2019.