Matt Damon’s daughter Alexia Barroso

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Who is Matt Damon’s daughter Alexia Barroso?

Alexia Barroso was born in 1999 in Argentina of Italian descent. She is a 20 year old student best recognized for being the stepdaughter of one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, Matt Damon and daughter of Luciana Barroso.

Alexia Barroso Bio: Early Life, Family and Education

When it comes to his stepdaughter’s early life and education, Matt Damon is famous for being a high-profile celebrity who tries to keep the private life of his family away from the public eye. However, we have managed to uncover several pieces of information concerning young Alexia’s early years. She spent most of her early childhood in Argentina with her mother Luciana, born on 31st July 1976 in Salta, Argentina. Alexia and Luciana’s ancestors were Italian and had lived in several countries before Luciana’s grandparents decided to settle permanently in Argentina. Growing up in Argentina, Luciana studied Arts at a local college for some time before dropping out. After that, she tried out several careers before becoming an air-hostess, but while she was working as a house-keeper, she met Alexia’s biological father, an insurance agent named Arbello Barroso.

Luciana and Arbello married in Argentina and their daughter Alexia was born there, however, the couple divorced after several years, but maintained a healthy relationship. Alexia spent most of her time with her mother, and the two moved from Argentina to the US when Alexia was four years old because Luciana wanted to provide a better future for herself and her daughter, and settled in Miami, Florida. Luciana struggled to find work in the US initially, and worked as a bartender for a period of time, where she met her future husband and Alexia’s future stepfather Matt Damon. Speaking about Alexia’s education, she attended a private school in New York. Furthermore, she was spotted with her stepfather at the campus of the American University at Washington, D.C shortly before the end of her high school, thus sparking the rumors that she could be continuing her education at the US capital’s University.

Relationship with stepfather Matt Damon

Alexia’s mother met the famous actor while she was working as a bartender at a bar in Miami in 2003. Matt Damon was filming the movie “Stuck on You” (2003) in the city, and visited the bar often during breaks. Luciana and Matt soon started dating and married in December 2005 at a private civil ceremony at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau with only closest relatives and friends present. Alexia was six years old at the time, but soon the family welcomed their second child in 2006 – a daughter named Isabella Damon. In 2008 and 2010 Luciana gave birth to Gia Zavala and Stella Zavala, respectively, and even though it is often not the case, Alexia actually has a great relationship with both her biological father and her stepfather, as well as her half-siblings. Her biological father Arbello keeps in touch with her and her mother, and has said in interviews that he and Matt are on great terms, as well as that Matt is a great stepfather to his daughter and a great husband to his ex-wife.

Furthermore, in spite of being one of the most sought after and busiest actors in Hollywood, Matt still manages to spend enough quality time with his family. Since Alexia played soccer throughout high school, he was often seen cheering for her at her soccer games. In addition, he taught Alexia how to drive, and visited the American University campus with her recently, helping her decide where to continue her education. Additionally, Alexia appeared with Matt in the 2011 movie entitled “We Bought a Zoo”, playing a minor role as a member of the zoo staff. We have yet to see whether or not this could be a hint of her future profession.

Personal Life

Since Matt is keen on keeping his family affairs out of the limelight, there is little confirmed information regarding Alexia’s private life. The family previously lived in Miami and New York before relocating to Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles in 2012. In addition, the family owns a luxury penthouse in Brooklyn Heights. Whether Alexia is currently dating someone is unknown publicly. Her stepfather’s fame has enabled her to meet and hang out with many famous celebrities, such as Jennifer Garner and Chris Hemsworth.

Net Worth

Since Alexia is still too young and has not finished her education, we do not have any information about her net worth. However, her stepfather is one of the most popular contemporary actors, and has amassed a net worth estimated by sources at more than $160 million through his involvement in the movie industry.