Sasha Piqué Mebarak

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Who is Sasha Piqué Mebarak?

Sasha Piqué Mebarak is the second son of the famous Colombian singer Shakira, and talented Spanish football player Gerard Pique.  Sasha was born on 29 January 2015 which makes him an Aquarius. The meaning of Sasha’s name originates from Russian and Greek and it means “warrior” or “defendant of mankind.” The popular singer gave birth to Sasha on a Thursday night at a hospital in Barcelona. Similar to many other celebrities, the birth occurred via C-section. His parents sometimes post cute photos and videos of him on their Instagram profiles.

Family and relatives

He has a two years older brother named Milan Piqué Mebarak, buy the extended family is huge, since they have a lot of relatives both on their mother’s and their father’s side. Since they are currently residing in Barcelona, Spain, Gerard’s parents, especially his mother Montserrat, help with the children.

Shakira on birth and motherhood

She introduced Sasha to the world by collaborating with UNICEF and tweeting that if fans wanted to see the newborn, they needed to go to the website When the fans visited the website, first they saw the pictures of pregnant Shakira and her husband, and little baby Sasha. This was a UNICEF inspired baby shower. The fans would buy a UNICEF gift, and UNICEF committed the donated money to the improvement of health of the kids across the world. The official introduction happened when she posted just a brief look at Sasha’s tiny left foot with white hospital band around it. She wrote Instagram captions in English and her mother tongue, Spanish: ‘I have Daddy’s feet, it looks like I’ve been playing football my whole life.’

In an interview she did with HELLO! Magazine in 2016, Shakira talked about weight struggles after giving birth, and how she would only wear sweat pants because she couldn’t get into any of her old jeans. She claimed that it was quite sad being something between small and large size, and not being able to wear her old clothes. However, by exercising regularly and eating healthily, she got into shape three or four months after giving birth. In August 2017, when talking about motherhood Shakira told HOLA! Magazine: ‘It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had. I never thought it’d be so difficult, because it takes a lot of your energy. I think of my family a lot; I’m concerned about them all day. It’s physical, emotional, and intellectual wear and tear.’

Pique’s on his family and relationship

In an interview with CNN from 2014, the professional Spanish football player who is currently playing for Barcelona, says that his family lives no differently than any other family – they go to the cinema, have dinners and try to be normal. Both Gerard and Shakira agree that there has to be a lot of love involved, because that is the foundation of a healthy relationship and family, so they have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to keeping their relationship happy and healthy. According to sources, there were rumors that the couple was going to split, and that they are not communicating because Shakira is very jealous, however, they’ve proved people wrong and are still married. Gerard says that he will not force their sons to support Barcelona, even though the club granted them membership when they were born.

Family Activities

Gerard and Shakira often take their sons to basketball games, to parks, the beaches and practice tennis together.  One of their memorable trips was when they took their boys to Palau Sant Jordi arena in Barcelona to see “Disney On Ice” show. Also, Shakira took Sasha and his brother to watch FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad de Futbol play a match at Camp Nou in 2015, in Barcelona. Sasha attended the first match of his life, and wore an adorable jersey with his name written on the back of it. His older brother was similarly dressed. At the match, Gerard’s mother Montserrat was there to offer a helping hand.

Sasha’s Illness

Shakira’s fans were worried when she had to cancel two of her performances due to Sasha’s illness. She didn’t comment much on his health problems and specifics, first stating that because of “personal matters” she couldn’t attend Latin Grammy performance. Later on, she thanked her fans for supportive messages and inquiries on Instagram about her son’s health.  Fortunately, the mysterious illness wasn’t serious, and Sasha is now a healthy child.

Appearance and personality

From the pictures Shakira and Gerard have shared with fans on Instagram, Sasha is vivacious and athletic, just like his dad. This four-year-old seems to have his father’s blue eyes. As far as appearance is concerned, the two sons are completely different, since Shakira’s elder son has inherited her physiognomy and dark eyes.