Sofia Jamora

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Who is Sofia Jamora?

Sofia Jamora was born on 6 May 1997, in Calabasas, California USA, apparently of part Pacific Islander ancestry and is a social media personality as well as a model, initially known for finding popularity through the social media website Instagram. Her exposure on the site earned her the opportunity to gain numerous modelling offers, and work with singer Zayn Malik in the music video entitled “Let Me”.

The Riches of Sofia Jamora

How rich is Sofia Jamora? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $300,000, earned through a successful career in modelling. Her online exposure has led her to numerous opportunities, including sponsored posts which help her to gain a significant amount of money. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Modelling Beginnings

There is no information about Sofia’s childhood, as she remains very private about that aspect of her life. She mentioned in an interview that she loved bikinis ever since starting to wear them at beach trips, and her love for swimwear eventually got her noticed during a trunk show, where the co-founder of the company Frankie’s Bikinis approached her with a modelling offer, and she started modelling for Frankie’s doing photo shoots as well as promotional videos. Around this time, she also began posting these and other similar content to the website Instagram, which led to a strong increase in followers. In 2014, she became one of the quickest growing profiles on Instagram in terms of followers, and this did not go unnoticed, as other companies quickly contacted her with modelling offers. She signed with Next Models, and became a part of an advertising campaign for LolliValfre, called ValfreXLolli, and collaborated with other companies as well, including Bikini Luxe, Forever 21,, and then worked on “Welcome to Miami” which was also a LolliVafre campaign. Afterwards, she signed with the fashion agency Freedom Models.

Social Media and Recent Work

A good portion of her earnings comes from her online work, but thanks to the continuous modelling offers and sponsored posts by companies wanting to gain more advertising through social media, particularly through Instagram. While she does post some personal photos, including her travelling and various events, she often promotes the clothing company Oh Polly, which is based in the UK. She does a lot of bikini sponsored posts due to her love for wearing bikinis, and mentioned that she wears them for most of the year. She also works with the company Pretty Little Thing, which is a global online fashion retailer. She has collaborated with make-up artists as well, including social media personality Angel Alvarado.

Aside from her Instagram, she has a Twitter account on which she mainly posts some of her daily thoughts, and various personal photos, promoting similar content to that of her Instagram site, including her work with Pretty Little Thing.  Recently, she was hired to work on the ZAYN music video entitled “Let Me”, appearing as a romantic interest of the singer. Her popularity increased further thanks to her appearance, but people have also commented that she was chosen mainly due to her similar looks to Zayn Malik’s ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid who is also a model.

Personal Life

For her personal life, it is known that Jamora is in a relationship with another social media personality, Spencer Mow who initially found popularity due to his connection with the Kardashian family. His fame grew when he started posting photos and videos of himself alongside Kendall Jenner. Aside from his social media work, he also designs shoes and appears in various high profile events. Jamora resides in Los Angeles, California, and there are rumors that she lives together with Mow..

Due to the demands of modelling, she spends a lot of time on her fitness, focusing on diet, maintenance and exercises. Despite that, she mentioned that she really enjoys food, especially during days when she can break the diet to indulge. Some of her favorite food includes sushi, burritos and burgers, and likes various ways potatoes can be served, including French fries, baked and mashed potatoes. On normal days she maintains a diet that mostly consists of vegetables, fruits, almonds, and baked salmon. Having an avid love for beaches, she says that her favorite destination is in Tulum, Mexico.

Fame, Rumors, and Other Endeavors

In an interview, Sofia admitted that she would be described as spontaneous, flirty, and laid back. Sofia says that she still finds it surprising to wake up every day and find more people following her.  The popularity of the video “Let Me” earned her a lot of attention, especially from Zayn who gave all the credit to her playing the love interest. There are rumors that the song he wrote is actually about Gigi Hadid – hence why he chose Jamora – but he declined to confirm who the song is about, to avoid any more complications.

During her free time, she does a lot of charity and advocacy work, hoping to be able to promote these causes online. along with her favorite brands. In recent years, she’s been seen doing catwalk modelling, appearing in various locations around the US.