Steve DiSchiavi

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Who is Steve DiSchiavi?

Steve DiSchiavi was born on the 1st May 1966, in Brooklyn, New York City USA, and is a retired NYPD homicide detective, but who is probably best recognized for starring in the Travel Channel paranormal television series “The Dead Files” since 2011. He is also known as an actor, who appeared as a detective in the crime drama thriller film “Pride And Glory” (2008), and starred in the role of D’Angelo in the short comedy “Stake Out: My Dad’s Rolex” (2011). Would you like to know more about Steve’s career and family life? If you are interested, stay tuned to find out about his income and net worth.

Early Life and Education

Speaking about his early life, Steve DiSchiavi spent most of his childhood in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, where he was raised by his parents – he is of white ethnicity and holds American nationality. Information about his siblings has not been revealed to the public. Regarding his education, Steve went to Lafayette High School, but never matriculated as he had to leave in the 10th grade. Nonetheless, it did not curb his ambition and his desire to have a successful career.

Career behind TV Screen

Prior to starting his career in the New York Police Department, Steve spent three years serving in the US Marine Corps, being honorably discharged at the end of his three year service. Shortly afterwards, he began working as a licensed New York state homicide detective, and also acquired his license to be an armed bodyguard – his experience in the detection field and immense knowledge of police work enabled him to establish his own private-investigation company, Paragon Investigations. After his retirement from the NYPD, Steve had a short stint at the Merrill Lynch’s Fraud Department. Currently, apart from starring in “The Dead Files”, he also works as a Special Investigator for the city, adding a considerable amount to his net worth.

Reality TV Star and “The Dead Files”

When it comes to his transition from police work in real life to police work on the small screen, Steve made his debut appearance in an Emmy-winning ABC News documentary about the NYPD’s homicide division in 2005. The documentary achieved enormous success and acquired a substantial fan base, which helped Steve to be spotted by executive producer Jim Casey, who was quite fascinated with his appearance and attitude, and offered him the chance to join the cast of the paranormal television series “The Dead Files”, which he obviously accepted.

The show premiered in September of 2011 on the Travel Channel, and is currently in its eighth season. Starring in this television series completely changed Steve’s life, most notably by significantly increasing his popularity all over the world, as well as his net worth. The show offers a unique blend of science fiction, reality television and police drama. It follows the two main characters that star as themselves – Steve DiSchiavi, who shows us the detective’s point of view in the ensuing paranormal investigations, and Amy Allen, his partner who is a psychic medium. The two visit various locations across America which are reported to be haunted, and conduct separate investigations. Steve brings in his detection and police work and performs investigations in the old fashioned way, while Amy uses her alleged psychic abilities and communicative skills to deduce what happened, and find out if there were any paranormal activities. At the end of each episode, the two of them meet and compare and discuss their findings, contrasting their evidence and conclusions. To speak further about his career as a TV star, in 2014 Steve also guest-starred in an episode of another paranormal reality show entitled “Paranormal After Party”.

Steve describes himself in interviews as an open-minded skeptic. Prior to his work on the show, he stated that he was not a fan of ghost shows and paranormal reality television series – he still claims that he doesn’t even watch his own show. Furthermore, he stated that throughout his detective and police career, his experience with various psychic experts was not positive, and that they never really helped him to solve a hard case. However, after meeting Amy, he realized that he had perhaps been too narrow-minded and stubborn, and that she actually made him reconsider his opinions and values when it comes to the paranormal. He went on to state that during investigations he remains doubtful, but not dismissive. He acknowledges that there are things beyond his knowledge and experience, and that people like Amy really could have special abilities that can help people, and help solve cases. Nonetheless, his job is to bring a certain validity and objectivity to the field, and his and Amy’s work should be considered and viewed as complementary, and not as opposed to each other.

Many people who watched at least one episode of “The Dead Files” became skeptical about the truthfulness of the events, and started wondering if everything really is true or just the result of great scripting and acting. While watching it, a lot of people expect to see the real compelling proofs, but at the end of the episode almost every single piece that has been captured on camera can be explained in a non-supernatural way. Moreover, a number of revelations are just superficial and based on the same sort of information you can find in any other similar TV show. However, this type of the show obviously still serves as good entertainment, judging by viewer numbers.

Other Projects

Apart from his career as a reality television star and private detective, Steve DiSchiavi was also offered an real acting role, so he made his debut film appearance as a detective in the crime drama thriller film “Pride And Glory”, featuring Edward Norton, Colin Farrell and Noah Emmerich, in 2008. Three years later, he landed the role of D’Angelo in the short comedy film entitled “Stake Out: My Dad’s Rolex”. Both of these appearances also increased his wealth.

Steve DiSchiavi Net Worth

His career as a homicide detective was active for more than two decades, but he has also been involved in the entertainment industry as a television personality and part of a reality television series since 2011. So, if you ever wondered how rich Steve DiSchiavi is, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total size of his net worth is over $2 million, accumulated through his successful careers, including from his brief acting career.

Personal Life and Appearance

Although his engagement with “The Dead Files” means that he travels a lot throughout the year, Steve has a permanent residence in Florida, where he lives in a family home with his wife, Angela. The couple has one daughter, named Lauren DiSchiavi. Lauren is currently in her 20s and she studies at the Wagner College located in New York City. Other information about his private life, Steve tends to keep far away from the public. Speaking about his appearance, Steve is still well-built and handsome, though he is currently in his 50s. His height is 5ft 8ins (1.73m).

Social Media Presence

In addition to his involvement in the entertainment industry, Steve DiSchiavi is an active member across many of the most popular social media sites, running his official Instagram and Twitter accountswhich he uses to promote his upcoming projects as well as to share various other contents.