Steve Lund

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Who is Steve Lund?

 Steve Lund is a 29-year old Canadian actor, who has earned his popularity from appearing in the TV series “Bitten” in 2014, starring as Nick Sorrentino. Before landing this role, he had acted in numerous series, such as “Frankie Drake Mysteries”, “Blue Mountain”, “Nikita”, “Hemlock”, and Defiance in which he got minor roles.

Steve Lund’s Early Life and Education Background

Steve Lund was born on 9 January 1989, in Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, so his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Since he was a young child, he had an interest in the show business industry; even while in elementary school, he participated in a Lion King Cartoon production, a show that was a hit with catchy songs and popular characters, with which he was apparently ecstatic – getting a chance to replicate his favorite cartoon gave him so much joy, and also increased his passion to follow acting as a career later in life.

When the time came for Steve Lund to join college, he had already made up his mind on what to study, so he joined the Vancouver Film School, where he got to learn all the basics. He was taught how to efficiently assume different acting styles, and one of his teachers even went ahead to teach him how to act in a Russian way – before 1933, actors normally played to a crowd while on stage, similar to giving a speech to a crowd of people. However, in 1933, all that changed when a play performed in Russia had actors turn their backs to the audience, and they acted and drank their coffee without acknowledging their audience. This style was used to introduce realism to acting. For the first time, the audience had the chance to become deeply immersed in the storyline. Steve took this lesson into his acting career.

Before Fame

Steve once played in his high school band – named The Steve Lund Experience – as the lead singer. Steve says that he would one day love to play the role of a rock star from the 70s. Before Steve got into the film industry, he was a hockey player with the Quebec Major Junior League and also the Halifax Mooseheads. However, he sustained a serious injury during a match which brought an abrupt end to his hockey career. Steve then decided to give his full attention to acting and proceeded to join the film school.

How Steve Lund Became Famous

His career commenced in the late 2000s, when he had roles in short films, including “End of Message”. After graduating from the film school, Steve moved to Toronto with the sole intention of finding acting roles. His first project was when he starred as Stewart in the web series, “Yukonic!” in 2011, a story about two friends who traveled to the Yukon looking for gold to help them fund a film project. Afterward, Steve went on a journey to build his reputation and brand, by appearing in various popular TV series, including “Blue Mountain State” and “Lost Girl”. In 2013, he acted in “Beauty and the Beast” and “Hemlock Grove”, and was then cast in the recurring role of James Cogan in “Haven”, a TV mystery drama series, in the same year.

His fame came in 2014 when he acted as Nick Sorrentino in the series “Bitten”, a fantasy drama which was renewed for three seasons before it ended in 2016. As the face of the show, Steve became very popular and he even had the privilege to announce new episodes, seasons, and was interviewed by TV stations and magazines. With this reputation, he was then easily able to land a role in “Reign”, a fantasy drama series in 2017.

Steve’s Salary and Net Worth

Steve Lund gets a generous salary from his acting career, and so has managed to accumulate wealth through TV series and movies. Steve also gets a handsome amount of money from all the product endorsements he does. Although his monthly salary is not known, his net worth is estimated by authoritative sources at over $4 million as of late 2018.

However, the actor is also known for his philanthropic acts. In 2012, Steve donated $3 million to Restore our Future, an international social organization, but he still loves taking vacations in some of the most expensive destinations in the world. Lund resides in a lavish mansion in Toronto, Canada and drives an expensive Ram 50 car.

Steve Lund’s Body Measurements and Body Features

Steve is 6ft 3ins tall, (1.85m), has brown hair and green/blue eyes. His weight is not known to his online audience.

Steve’s Family

Steve Lund was born to Chickie Lund, his mother with whom has a very close relationship, and who has gone ahead to share her photos on his Instagram page. His was a middle-class family, and he was raised with his two sisters as a middle child.

Steve Lund’s Personal Life

After his role in “Bitten” in which he plays as a bi-sexual, there were rumors going around that Steve is either gay or bisexual; a photo of him hugging Jeff Jones also emerged online which led to further speculation, however, he has never denied or confirmed his sexuality. He cleverly prefers keeping his sexuality ambiguous, as it helps him land acting roles as a straight, gay, or even bi-sexual man. Regardless, according to his online marital status, Steve Lund is still single. Steve is a pet lover who frequently posts photos of himself and his pets online. Steve once confessed in an interview that he likes beatbox which he is very good at. On his off days, he also loves watching series on Netflix, while wearing sweatpants!