Todd Spiewak

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Who is Todd Spiewak?

Todd Spiewak was born on the 19th January 1977, in Boston, Massachusetts USA; he is a 42 year-old art director and film producer, but perhaps Todd is primarily recognized for being the husband of the famous and highly acclaimed actor Jim Parsons, the popular Sheldon Copper from the hit show “The Big Bang Theory”. Spiewak and Parsons have been in a relationship for more than a decade before finally marrying in 2017.

Todd Spiewak Bio: Early Life, Family and Education

Todd grew up in his hometown of Boston while his partner was raised in Houston, Texas. While Jim Parsons was determined from a young age that he wanted to become an actor and nothing else, it took quite some time for Todd to figure out what he wanted to do in his life. Eventually, as he was a person with artistic aspirations. he decided to venture into the world of graphic design. Having matriculated from high school he enrolled at Boston University, graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in graphic design. At the same time, young Jim Parsons matriculated from Klein Oak High School in Houston, and enrolled at the University of Houston. When Todd was graduating, Jim become one of only seven students accepted into a specialized course in classical theater at the graduate program of the University of San Diego. Following his graduation Todd moved to New York where he pursued a career in graphic design, and Jim moved to the Big Apple after he graduated from University of San Diego in 2001.

Career Beginnings and Meeting Jim Parsons

After settling in New York the young graphic designer struggled at first when it came to finding a stable job. He had to work as a freelancer for some time before he was able to build a reputation for himself that would enable him to land a permanent job. However, his hard work and patience finally paid off, and he landed several high paying gigs over the next couple of years. Among the most notable companies he has worked with are American Express, Barnes & Noble and ‘The New York Times’. During his first years in New York, Todd met and fell in love with aspiring actor Jim Parsons. The two first met on a blind date at a karaoke bar in 2002, and felt and instant attraction – soon they started dating, and living together. Todd was a great support for Jim at the time when the young actor was still struggling to land good roles, however, it all changed for them in 2007 when Jim was cast as Sheldon Cooper in Chuck Lorre’s comedy series “The Big Bang Theory”. The show about a group of socially awkward nerds became a huge hit and brought international fame to its stars. Jim’s character Sheldon is considered to be the most popular and the most unique character on the show. Parsons was commended by critics and audiences alike for his performance of the brilliantly smart yet socially unskilled physicist. His role of Sheldon Cooper skyrocketed his career, and he was soon being cast in roles in big budget productions.

Wonderful Productions

Having enjoyed a happy relationship for many years, Jim and Todd decided to unite their professional goals as well. Together they founded a production company called Wonderful Productions, LLC, so Todd and Jim added the title ‘producer’ to their portfolios. Todd’s first credit as an executive producer was in 2017 – he produced two films in that year, a documentary entitled “First in Human” and a television movie called “The Family Gene”. He also produced the family drama “A Kid Like Jake” in which his partner Jim played the role of Greg Wheeler. However, their most recognized collaboration is the ongoing television series “Young Sheldon”, created in 2017 as a spin-off of “The Big Bang Theory”, and focusing on the childhood years of Sheldon Cooper. The show became a hit and is currently slated for its fourth season in 2019 – Jim Parsons narrates the series while Iain Armitage plays the role of young Sheldon, and Todd is credited as executive producer on all four seasons of the show. In addition Todd produced a pilot episode of the comedy show “Special”, to be released in 2019.

Personal Life and Marriage with Jim Parsons

Speaking about their personal life, Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons married in New York in May 2017 after being in a relationship for 14 years. The actor first came out publicly as gay in 2012 via an article in “The New York Times”. Prior to their wedding Parsons stated that their relationship was ‘an act of love, coffee in the morning, going to work, washing the clothes, taking the dogs out – a regular life, boring love’. The couple currently resides in Gramercy Park, a neighborhood in New York City, and maintain a residence in Los Angeles due to their involvement in the movie and television industry.

Net Worth

When it comes to his overall wealth, authoritative sources have estimated that Todd Spiewak’s net worth is around $7 million, accumulated from his career as an art director, graphic designer and producer. In addition, his husband Jim Parsons is one of the most popular television actors in Hollywood and has a net worth of over $80 million.

Social Media

Todd Spiewak is not a big fan of social media and there are no official accounts of his on any of the big social media platforms. However, he is often featured in photos on Jim Parsons’ official Instagram account which has nearly seven million followers.

Appearance and Physical Characteristics

Speaking about his appearance, Todd Spiewak has a slim body, short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. His height and weight are unknown, however he seems to be a little shorter than his husband Jim Parsons who is 6ft 1ins (1.86m) tall.