Akiko Matsuura

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Who is Akiko Matsuura?

Akiko Matsuura is a drummer and vocalist of the British noise rock band called Pre, but she is perhaps better known as an ex-girlfriend of Charlie Heaton, the star of the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things” (2016-2019), who she met when they played together in the band Comanechi.

So, do you want to find out more about the life and work of Akiko Matsuura, from her early childhood to date, including her personal life? If yes, then stay with us for the length of the article as we bring you closer to the British singer and drummer.

Akiko Matsuura Wiki: Early Life, Parents, and Education

Akiko Matsuura was born in 1994, in Osaka, Japan, and was apparently raised as the only child of her unknown parents, who owned a barbecue restaurant back in their homeland. Matsuura attended an unspecified high school, and later briefly studied art, but that was until she decided to pursue a career in music.

Career as a Singer and Drummer

Akiko’s career started during her studies, when she met her future guitarist bandmate Simon Petrovich at a mutual friend’s party. After both expressed interest in forming a band, they decided to team up and form the group called Comanechi.  The band failed to gain popularity as it struggled in the first few years of its existence, and concurrently Akiko found herself a spot in another group, as the drummer for the electronic rock band The Big Pink. However, “Crime of Love” was the Comanechi’s first album, and soon afterwards the future “Stranger Things” star Charlie Heaton joined the band as a drummer, along with their last member Patsy. In 2013, Comanechi went on permanent hiatus due to disagreements among the band members. Matsuura joined the British noise rock band called Pre, which gained popularity partly due to her on-stage performances; she is still part of the group, but no longer a member of The Big Pink.

On-Stage Antics

Akiko is recognized for her unusual actions during performances, as she is always moving and jumping on the stage. She is known for playing music in just her underwear, and also performing plenty of stage dives, ensuring that the audience is never bored, and constantly involved. Due to her outrageous antics, she has brought a lot of attention to herself while performing, but has also injured her face on a few occasions.

Dating Charlie Heaton

Akiko and Heaton met at a friend’s private party, and started dating while they were both members of Comanechi, a relationship which lasted for a couple of years before they broke-up. The pair does have a child together – their son Archie was born in May 2014 and Akiko and Archie are currently living in London, UK, while Charlie is focusing on his career in Los Angeles, California and he doesn’t spend much time with his son. However, Akiko and Charlie remain close friends for the sake of their child, but Matsuura doesn’t have problems with being a single mother.

Who is Charlie Heaton?

Born on the 6th February 1994 in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, Charlie Heaton is a popular actor and musician, best known for his work in the Netflix show “Stranger Things”, in which he is playing the role of Jonathan Byers. Heaton began his acting career with an appearance in the TV series “DCI Banks” in 2015, and in the same year also played parts in “Rise of the Footsoldier Part II”, and “Urban & the Shed Crew” before joining the cast of “Stranger Things” – he is earning $150,000 per episode, but it seems that the rise to stardom comes with a price as Heaton experienced a drug accident when he was stopped at LAX with traces of cocaine found in his suitcase.

Charlie was supposed to attend the premiere of “Stranger Things” season two when this happened, but it turned out to be a small incident and he continued working on the show. He became involved with other projects such as the movies “As You Are” (2016), “Shut In” (2016) in which he plays alongside Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts, and “The Secret of Marrowbone” (2017).

Akiko Matsuura Net Worth

Matsuura’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, earned as a singer and musician, playing in three bands in the UK. Akiko has a dream of making a “perfect single”, and she works hard to finally make one; if she succeeds, there is no doubt her wealth will rise considerably as a result.

Personal Life and Social Media

Akiko Matsuura is not interested in being a celebrity as she successfully keeps her personal life to herself, and is not active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so it’s hard to keep up with her life and career. Hopefully, she changes her mind in the near future and starts sharing the more interesting details from her personal life with her loyal fans.