Brittney Alger

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Who is Brittney Alger?

Brittney Alger was born on 25 October 1988, in Westlake, Ohio USA, although on several occasions she’s said that her home city is Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and has Puerto Rican, Irish, Italian and Indian roots. She is an actress and a model, apparently loving acting from an early age, and attending acting classes, appearing in various performances including musicals, learning how to enjoy the role and convey emotion to the audience. She always knew that acting was her life call. This young girl has always worked on herself and tried to master all the basic skills needed to succeed in the world of entertainment, including discipline and teamwork.

Career start

Alger graduated in mass communication, soon after which she began working on realizing her dreams, apparently with great support from her father. She was spotted thanks to modeling, and soon found an agent who managed to book her roles in television commercials, as well as in films. The first film in which she appeared was “Ricochet” in 2011, however, she was really noticed by the audience in 2012, when she was given the role of Eric’s friend in the “21 Jump Street” film. Her next film was “Pitch Perfect’, about which will be said more later. The following year, after filming “The Demented”, she decided to move to Los Angeles and continue her acting career there.

“Pitch Perfect”

Getting the role Opening belle for the actress was a perfect move, as both the film and actress gained great popularity, and has earned a total of over $116 million at the box office. This role opened many doors for her, so she soon had roles in “The Fantastic Four”, “Baby Daddy”, “The Furious 7” and “Wild Card”.

Authoritative sources estimate that this young lady has earned a net worth maintained at over $200,00 as of late 2018, from her activities in being a model and shooting movies. This would seem likely to become much higher, assuming that she continues her successful career.

Is she married?

No, she’s not married and doesn’t have children, and what is even more interesting is that she doesn’t have a current boyfriend, or she hides him very well from the eyes of the public. Apparently at the age of 30 Brittney will not be satisfied with anything less than true love, so she will not settle until she finds her own soulmate, however, we can safely assume that there are many wooers. On one occasion she stated that she maintains such a good figure through regular exercise and a balanced healthy diet. Of course, the influence of genetics is also very visible here. She has mixed origins, and has definitely inherited the best of every one.

Her character

She says she is a very competitive person, and is partly why she has arrived to where she is now. When in an interview she talked about her first shooting on set, she said that she did very well, but had the opportunity to learn from the best, such as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and made friends with the director’s son and his friends, so the atmosphere on the set was relaxed. All this motivated her to continue on, but unlike the first shooting, she was nervous when filming “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. She tells herself that she is generally not for comedy but in a private life, she is a funny and goofy person. She had additional pressure because she wanted the episode to appeal to her now ex-boyfriend. Every time she goes to a new audition, she is a little nervous. In an interview, she advised all young actresses that they must be focused and should not allow someone else to ruin their positive energy. Moreover, she is interested to know whether star actresses, such as Angelina Jolie, had the jitters at the beginning of their career.

Plans for the future

This young actress is talented for more than just acting. She is very creative and wants to develop this creativity in various fields such as writing, which she recently started. Though she doubted what that could be, she would like to publish a book, and then shoot the film adaption. Brittney uses the opportunity to stay on the set after filming her scene, and watch how film production works and generally how filming works. This actress is only thirty years old, so some people predict that she will have a great and successful career.