Jacqueline Ray

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Who is Jacqueline Ray?

Jacqueline Mary Ray was born in Burbank, California USA, on 17 July 1952, so under the sign of Cancer, and holding American nationality. She is best known for her acting career, as well as for the fact that she was the first wife of Tom Selleck – she was also considered to be one of the most beautiful models of her time.

Early life and education

Jacqueline is one of very few celebrities who has managed to keep their entire personal life away from the media. There is nothing known about her parents or her early life, except for the fact that she spent most of her childhood in California, apparently matriculated from high school, but never graduated from college.


Jacqueline landed her first noticeable role in 1967 in the movie called “In the Flint” and her performance was so good that it opened the doors to Hollywood for her. It took her a while to win noticeable roles, but it finally happened in 1980 in “The Killings at Outpost Zeta” movie, “Magnum, P. I.” TV series in 1980 as well, and in the “Beyond the Universe” movie shot in 1981. She did not do much in the next 25 years – her next performance worth mentioning was in the “Unfabulous” American teen sitcom in 2006, and its sequel “Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever” in 2007.

Personal life

Jacqueline’s love life was full of ups and downs as she was in and out of relationships, and married a couple of times. Her first husband was named Shepard, and that’s everything the public knows about him – the two of them have a son, Kevin Selleck who was born in 1966. Jacqueline’s second husband was Tom Selleck, a famous actor and producer who is best known for playing “Magnum PI” from 1980-88, who she married on 15 May, 1971. He decided to adopt Jacqueline’s son who was called Kevin S. Shepard before the adoption, and he ended up becoming an actor just like his mom and his stepfather, mostly known for his role in “Scream 2”, and who married Anabelle the two of them are living apparently happily together today.

Tom and Jacqueline divorced in 1982 – it is speculated that Jacqueline wanted a divorce because she was jealous about all the attention which Tom was getting from his female fans after he became popular for his role in “Magnum, P.I.”.

Jacqueline married one more time, to Clarence Barry Witmer on 21 March 1992 – this marriage did not last for long, but the exact date of their divorce is unknown. Jacqueline also has a daughter called Umeko Ray, but it is not known who her father is although there are rumors that it is someone who Jacqueline was with during her marriage with Clarence.

Jacqueline is currently not working and is single since she has been in jail since 2014 – she hired a professional hitman for $12,000 to kill her son-in-law, Leon Bauchum, husband of her daughter Umeko, in order to protect her from him as he was allegedly violent and abusive. His body was found, examined and it took some time for detectives to put the evidence together –  Jacqueline confessed about what she did, and was sentenced to 18 years in jail while the shooter, Luis Baker, was sentenced to 29. She went to jail with these words – ‘It is my hope with my sentencing here today, with God’s mercy, everyone would someday forgive me.’

Tom Selleck

Tom was born on 29 January 1945 in Detroit, Michigan and became famous for his role of a private investigator in “Magnum, P.I.” TV crime series in 1980. After his rise to fame, he appeared in many movies including “Lassiter” in 1984 and “Three Men and a Baby” in 1987. He also received a lot of attention after he landed the role of Dr. Richard Burke in the “Friends” TV series, who was Monica’s boyfriend and appeared in many episodes. At 73, Tom is still acting as he can’t imagine his life without his work – his net worth is estimated to be around $45 million.

Kevin Selleck

Kevin did not start as an actor right away – he first formed a rock band called “Tonic” with four other people, and they released their first album “Lemon Parade” in July 1996. The singles from the album became very popular and their album eventually became platinum – however, Kevin did not get along with another member of the group, and he decided to quit the band. He later regretted it, wanted to go back to music, and so formed a new band but they weren’t good and so broke up.

Thanks to his father, he started acting by appearing in “Magnum, P.I.”, and later in “Scream 2” in 1997, but after that, he didn’t appear on the TV screens and it is unknown what he has been doing since– he seems to have six kids with his wife Annabel who is not a media person, and is staying away from public attention.

Appearance and net w5orth

Jacqueline is now 57 years-old, has long brown hair, blue eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall and weighs around 134lbs (61kg). Her vital statistics are 36-24-36.

According to authoritative sources, Jacqueline’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000.

Social media presence

Jacqueline has been in jail since 2014 – it is quite normal to expect that she is not using any social media platforms; one can only find her son and daughter’s accounts.