Joan Lin

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Who is Joan Lin?

Joan is a former famous Taiwanese actress, and the wife of the world-famous actor, Jackie Chan. Born Lin Feng-jiao on 30 June 1953, in Taipei, Taiwan, her zodiac sign is cancer. She is 5ft 2ins (165m) tall, and reputedly weighs 120lbs (55kgs). She has brown eyes and beautiful black hair.

Parents and early life

She was the second child of five to her parents, whose names and those of her siblings are unknown. Joan did not have an easy childhood; because of her family’s poverty, she had to leave school when she was 12 years old, and although she was just the child she had to find a job to help her family financially. She worked the farm, although there were no set working conditions there, however, the wheel of happiness turned, and this young beauty soon found her way out of poverty.

Net worth and career

This lady has a marvelous career behind her. From the worst poverty, she has reached the top of the Taiwanese acting scene. It all started quite unexpectedly, when in 1972 when only 19 she played the role of “The Hero of a Chui Chow” – many of the films she has appeared in were inspired by the novels of Chiung Yao. Seven years later in 1979, she won the Best Leading Actress award for her most famous performance in “The Story of a Small Town”, also brought her wide popularity in Taiwan, and since then she has been considered one of the top three Taiwanese actresses. During her relatively short career, Joan starred in over 70 films.

Joan has never publicly declared her salary, but authoritative sources estimate that she has a net worth of well over $1 million, from her career and shared with her husband.


The love story between Joan and Jackie Chan takes more than 38 years. These two met in 1981 and soon embarked on a love affair, through which Joan was soon pregnant. When filling in the birth form, she asked him if it would be okay to enter his name as the father, to which he agreed. It should be noted that at this time Joan was much more popular than him, and because of this fact, Chan’s manager suggested that it would be even better if they married – they ceremony was in a private room in a coffee shop in Los Angeles. Since then, Joan has decided to be a full-time mom and leave her acting career.

Are they still married?

In 2015, Jackie admitted that he married his wife only because she was pregnant, and he wanted to raise his child. Then he also admitted that he was not always faithful to his wife. Considering that he married only for the child, he felt that he had the right to try to find his true sincere love. Because of his career, Chan was very often able to forget his wife and son, and he sometimes saw them only two weeks a year. Moreover, he deliberately did not give them enough money.

Jackie Chan’s Daughter

One of his affairs came out in 1999. His mistress, Elaine Ng, the actress, and Hong Kong beauty queen, gave birth to his daughter, Etta Ng, who recently admitted on her Instagram profile to be a lesbian. Chan thought that the affair would end his marriage and that a divorce would take place. However, this exceptional woman Joan Lin decided to forgive him and go beyond his faults. So far, these two have managed to find a way to stay married. He recently admitted that Joan was the only love of his life, and dedicated to her the song called “Ai Quing Lao Le” or in English “Love is getting old”.

Joan’s life lately

Unlike her husband, Joan has never had an affair, at least not known to the public. Since she stopped acting, very little is known about her. She does not have Instagram, Facebook nor Twitter accounts.

In 2007, she sold her house in Los Angeles and moved to Hong Kong where her husband and son had their careers. Although she was accustomed to her husband’s affair, she was surprised by her son’s behavior in 2014 – he was arrested for possessing drugs; she had no idea that he was consuming those illegal substances. He wrote a three pages long letter in which he promised to his mother that he would redeem for it, correct his mistakes and change his way of life. This incident, in a way, brought Joan and her husband together. Jaycee Chan is, by the way, an actor, singer and songwriter.