Nikki Mudarris

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Who is Nikki Mudarris?

Nikki was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 28 June 1990 under the zodiac sign of Cancer, and so holds American nationality, although of Moroccan, Lebanese and Italian descent. Nikki is best known for starring in the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” although she is also a socialite, model, fashionista and entrepreneur.

Early life and education

Nikki was raised by her parents Abu Mudarris and Marcelle Mudarris, who own a few strip clubs in Hollywood and Las Vegas; she had an older brother named Anthony Omar Mudarris who died on 13 June 2015 from a drug overdose, and a sister called Monique. As she was growing up, she lied about her father’s business because she was afraid of being judged by others and claimed that her family was in the real estate business. Even though she wasn’t interested in studying, her parents forced her to enroll at the University of Southern California, and she graduated with bachelor’s degree in Business Communication in 2014.


Nikki became popular after she featured as a supporting cast member in “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” TV reality show. It was a third installment of the show which began airing on VH1 on 15 September 2014.  The show follows the lives of people who are a part of the hip hop industry and are living around Hollywood – it is a very dramatic show, and Nikki dated Mally Mall, a famous American rapper and club host in the first season, while in the second season she was dating Lil Fizz who is a rapper and a record producer.

She was a supporting cast member at the start, but was made a part of the main cast at the start of the third season of the show which began on 15 August 2016. She appeared to be bi-sexual, and started a relationship with Dominican actress and model Rosa Acosta, while also being with a rapper and a songwriter named Safaree Samuels at the same time.

Since she became famous after appearing in the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” reality show, she started working as a bikini model, and is now one of the most famous models in the US, appearing in a couple of fashion magazines as well, and soon afterwards started her own lingerie company called “Nude by Nikki”. of which she is the CEO. She claims that the things she sells are specifically made for luxurious, modern women, and include things like bras, thongs, bodysuits, robes and many more – she also offers clothes for men including boxers, and lip glosses.

Nikki is a very versatile person as she also succeeds in managing her father’s “The Body Shop” strip club chain – her father is better known by the nickname “The Godfather of Burlesque” and it is said that he spent some time in prison in the past. He started with his first club in the 1970s on Sunset Strip = back then it was the only strip club, but he now has three of them in Los Angeles, and one in Las Vegas; Nikki’s job is to find dancers for the shows, and to take care of the club’s finances.

Personal life

There have been a lot of rumors about Nikki’s personal life and sexual orientation, based on the things she has said and done in the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” reality show – she first dated Mally Mall in 2012 but after the couple had some problems, Mall leaked Nikki’s sex tape in 2015 which led to Nikki filing a restraining order against Mall, but there were also rumors that she leaked the tape herself in order to raise her popularity. After she was done with Mall, she started dating Austin Daye, and then went out with Joseline Hernandez while she was also dating Jamal Rashid and Rosa Acosta. As of today, it seems that she is still in a relationship with Safaree Samuels, who she met during the third season of the show in May 2016. Nikki has never married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Nikki wanted to enhance her breasts and buttocks and therefore underwent plastic surgery, however, she thought that her butt looked too big and attracted a lot of attention which she didn’t really want, so she reversed that enhancement.

Appearance and net worth

Nikki is currently 28 years old, has very long brown hair which she dyes blonde, brown eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, weighs around 159lbs (72kgs), her vital statistics are 34-26-36, and has an hourglass figure. She wears shoes size six, and doesn’t have any tattoos as she doesn’t like them.

According to authoritative sources, Nikki’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million, without the inclusion of the strip clubs as they belong to her father.

Social media presence

For someone who is a TV reality star, social media presence is very important in gaining and keeping popularity, so it’s not a surprise that Nikki has an Instagram account with 3.5 million followers and nearly 500 posts on which you can mostly see pictures of herself and other girls wearing lingerie of her own design. She has a Twitter account as well, which she opened in March 2010 and has so far gathered 325,000 followers and tweeted 34,000 times.

She also has a website called “Nude by Nikki”, on which she sells merchandise of her own design.

Nikki’s favorite things and likes

Nikki’s favorite actor and actress are Tom Cruise and Jessica Alba, her favorite colors are blue and black, and she loves sea food the most. Her favorite place to visit is London, her hobbies include shopping and travelling, and she drives a Bentley. Nikki also admitted during an interview that she likes having intercourse with more than one girl, while her record is with four girls (never with a mixture of guys and girls).